Martial arts is a very intricate sport that requires, not only quick hands and feet but a sharp mind. This sport has been proven to increase brain function in its athletes, no matter what age they are, but how? The study of martial arts is more than just fighting, but strategy and exercises that workout the brain in very distinct ways.

When taking on martial arts, you are exposed to new techniques that will eventually become part of your everyday routine. With so many methods being introduced to you, your brain will begin to work in double time, freshening up your memory. This is known as cumulative learning, which is the layering of information. When you engage in this type of knowledge, studies have shown that it will sharpen your memory, language, and ordering.

Problem-solving is another huge way to improve your brain function, and a sport like martial arts is built on solving problems in short periods of time. Whether it is finding out techniques to work on during training, or tactics to use against an opponent, your mind is always trying to solve the next occurrence before it arrives. When your problem explains, our brains use plasticity, which is the formation of new connections that occur when taking in further information. This keeps your mind in the habit of thinking analytically at all times, whether you’re training or doing everyday life activities.

Lastly, the longer you practice martial arts, the better you become at creating strategies. You become more aware of not only strategies to implement for yourself, but the strategy of other people competing against you. By learning to strategize you not only improve the logical thinking section of your brain, but you also can stimulate the verbal left and right visual parts also.

The more you challenge yourself, the more you challenge your brain. Picking up a sport like martial arts allows for improvement in not only your physical and mental health, but it gives your mind something new to learn. Keeping it fresh, and active.